NEODUR HE 65 metallic

NEODUR® HE 65 metallic

NEODUR HE 65 metallic is a ready to use cementitious hard aggregate screed with metallic aggregates on the basis of KORODUR hard aggregates acc. to DIN 1100 (coating group M) on the basis of KORODUR WH-metallic. Processing in one layer as bonded screed for heaviest stress demands acc. to DIN 18560-7.

For the production of heavy duty industrial screeds. Extremely resistant to stress by impact and percussion. Specially qualified for stress by heavy iron wheel traffic, crawler type vehicles, rolling and hard deposit of sharp-edged work pieces etc. For the production of so-called tank screeds.

NEODUR HE 65 metallic: CT-C80-F11-A3

Basically the current technical data sheet refers.

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