NEODUR DM is a factory-produced, ready to use drainage mortar, consisting of standard binding agents, natural sands (acc. to DIN 4226 resp. DIN EN 12620), trass, additives and admixtures. NEDUR DM Drainage mortar fills the demands of DNV and WTA. NEODUR DM has low chromate contents acc. to TRGS 613 and is non-combustible (A1) acc. to DIN 4102.

NEODUR DM Drainage mortar is a water permeable mortar for embedding and laying of paving stones or tiles in bound construction of classes IV, V and VI, for indoor and outdoor areas.
NEODUR DM qualifies for paving stones and tiles produced of natural stone, concrete and clinker.

Technical data
grain size3-6 mm
compressive strength> 25 N/mm²
void contents> 20%

Basically, the current technical data sheet refers.