Rapid Set LevelFlor is a high quality, innovative, on special cement based self-leveling underlayment for indoor and outdoor use. LevelFlor is fast-setting and designed as underlayment screed which can be covered with finished floorings in 6-16 hours (at +20°C). LevelFlor qualifies for both new constructions and repair projects.

Technical data
Installation Thicknessup to 70 mm
Working time30 Min.
Flow life15 Min.
Compressive strength(ASTM C-109 Mod.)
after 24 hoursapprox. 20,0 N/mm²
after 7 hoursapprox. 24 N/mm²
after 28 hoursapprox. 34 N/mm²
Flexural strength(ASTM C-348)
after 7 daysapprox. 7,9 N/mm²

Basically the current technical data sheet refers.

Additional system components