Acc. to DIN 18353 „Screed works“ and DIN 18560 „Screeds in building construction“, cementitious screeds have to be protected from irregular drying out. It is not only the correct composition of the hard aggregate mortar and skilled workmanship, but also the correct curing which dictates the quality of a KORODUR industrial floor. KOROSEAL has proved its qualities for years already.

This is specially relevant under conditions of high temperatures, low atmospheric humidity and in areas where there is a strong air draught. These circumstances influence the evaporation rate of freshly installed screeds and require professional curing, e. g. with KOROSEAL. The spraying of a liquid curing agent is the most economical method for freshly installed screeds.

Technical data
Colour and conditionwhite liquid
Density (20°C)1,02 kg/dm³
Barrier effect60% in Middle after 7 days

Basically the current technical data sheet refers.

Additional system components