KORODUR Silo system

KORODUR® Silo system

The KORODUR silo system allows a most economic installation by rational working technique, e.g. using NEODURHE 65 silo material and appropriate mixing and pump technique.

The KORODUR Silo system

  • pumps approx. 100 l/min and yields in approx. 600 m² industrial flooring
  • area in only 1 hour
  • allows daily performances of 1.000 – 2.000 m²
  • allows conveying distances up to 80 m


  • conveying distance up to 80 m
  • high labour time savings
  • no setting-up of mixing stations
  • no disposal of packaging material
  • simple logistic handling
  • constant mortar quality, no fluctuations, particularly important for coloured designs
  • high installation performance
  • environmentally friendly

Basically the current technical data sheet refers (please note, that the technical data sheet is only available in German).

With the KORODUR Silo system the following product types can be processed: