KORODUR® Robust 0/3

KORODUR Robust 0/3 is a factory produced, graded  hard grain mixture of high-quality  hard aggregates  for the production of cementitious and synthetic-resin-based  screeds for the repair of problematical sub-bases (screed, concrete etc.).

KORODUR Robust 0/3 if free of contamination and avoids on-site mixing problems. Due to the selected grading curve a high packing density is achieved allowing good processability at optimum need of binding agent.

Technical data
Consumption MV 1:10Layer thickness 8 mmLayer thickness 10 mmLayer thickness 15 mm
EP-resin1,5 kg2,0 kg3,0 kg
KORODUR Robust14,5 kg18,0 kg27,0 kg

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