KORODUR 0/4 – hard aggregate acc. to DIN 1100 - A 0/4 KORODUR 0/4 – mineral hard aggregate produced from high grade components including quartz sand and tough by-products of electrometallurgical melting processes. This special mixture guarantees outstanding tensile and compressive strength values, very favourable wearing properties and imparts stable anti-skid properties to industrial flooring surfaces.

For use in hard aggregate concrete screeds acc. to DIN 18 560, ZE 65 A. For use in areas of combined rolling, ramming and grinding stress, percussion, pressure and impact. Able to withstand the sliding and rolling of work parts, plant traffic of all kinds, fork-lift traffic, crawler tractor traffic and transporting equipment with steel wheels etc. Especially qualified for wet rooms, parking areas, driving and loading ramps, bunker linings and outdoor surfaces of all kinds.

Technical data
Grain size0 - 4 mm
Compressive strength70 N/mm²
Tensile strength10 N/mm²
Wear resistance≤ 5 cm³/50 cm²

Basically the current technical data sheet refers.

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