Hard Aggregates for Synthetic Resins

Hard aggregates for synthetic resin coatings and synthetic resin screeds

For decades already, synthetic resin coatings and synthetic resin screeds with synthetic hard aggregates have proven their qualification, in particular by their high durability, in industrial floor, road and bridge construction. Synthetic hard aggregates are mainly used as filling and sprinkling material.

With the product systems KORODUR DUROP and KORODUR ROBUST, KORODUR as world-wide renowned supplier of cementitious hard aggregate screeds and also of high-quality synthetic resin coatings and screeds, provides qualified filling and sprinkling materials.

For example in road construction, more than 1,5 million square meters of high ways lanes, home and abroad have been carried out with synthetic resin bound thin coatings in combination with DUROP.

KORODUR DUROP induces a significant improvement of skid resistance thus contributing considerably to the reduction of accidents. In addition, the noticeable reduction of rolling noises is considered as active noise protection, thus an important contribution to environment.

Hard aggregates for synthetic resin coatings
ProductsGrain sizeHardness acc. to Mohs
DUROP 05/1
0,5 - 1 mm   8
1 - 2 mm   8
DUROP 2/32 - 3 mm    8
DUROP 2/52 - 5 mm   8
0 - 3 mm   7