Hard Aggregate Dry-Shake

Surface modification with hard aggregate dry-shake

Hard aggregate dry-shake method is an alternative acc. to DIN 18560-3 and -4 to achieve a surface modification of a concrete floor. This surface modification serves to increase the wear resistance and the surface hardness, however, cannot be compared with a hard aggregate layer acc. to DIN 18560-7.

KORODUR dry-shake products are based on hard aggregates acc. to DIN 1100.

The dry-shake is carried out dry on the fresh screed or concrete surface - manually, with sprinkling cart or spreader.

NEODUR dry mortars
ProductsQuality *Group/DIN 1100Wear resistance
NEODUR HE 3CT-C70-F9-A5A≤ 5 cm³/50 cm²
NEODUR HE 3 SVS 3CT-C70-F9-A3A≤ 3 cm³/50 cm²
NEODUR HE 3 SVS 1,5CT-C70-F9-A1,5KS≤ 1,5 cm³/50 cm²
NEODUR HE 3 SVS 1,5 extraCT-C70-F9-A1,5≤ 1,5 cm³/50 cm²
NEODUR HE 3 metallicCT-C80-F11-A3M≤ 3 cm³/50 cm²
NEODUR HE 2CT-C70-F9-A8≤ 8 cm³/50 cm²

NEODUR hard aggregate dry mortars are available also in colours - see KORODUR colour chart.

* measured at specially produced specimen