Industrial Floor

KORODUR® - the world-wide concept for industrial floors

The industrial floor, as experience has shown, is one of the most stressed parts of the total building. Industrial floors have to resist different, partially extreme stresses and demands. KORODUR industrial floors have perfectly proven for decades – also under extreme stress. More than 750 million m² are the best testimony to our flooring products.

The hardest and most wear-resistant industrial floor in the long term is always the best and most economic solution. KORODUR industrial floors fill these high demands. They are the result of controlled and exemplary quality and continuity.

Whether processed as KORODUR hard aggregate material or NEODUR dry mortar, KORODUR industrial floors qualify for any industrial areas and branches.
Any types of production halls, warehouses, high-bay storage areas, logistic centers, distribution centers, workshops, cold stores, car parks, ramps, hangars etc., for indoor and outdoor areas.

Sustainable Construction

The use of high-quality KORODUR products increases the energy and resource efficiency and conserves natural resources. That is because a hard aggregate industrial floor has an outstanding durability. The service life of a hard aggregate industrial floor is many times longer than that of a pure concrete floor or alternative industrial flooring systems. In addition it is important to draw the attention to the total life cycle performance resp. the total life cycle costs of an industrial building.