GRANIDUR 05* and GRANIDUR 08*– factory- produced, ready to use, coloured dry mortars for the production of polished, decorative screeds in a layer thickness of 15 to max. 70 mm, depending on the construction.

The GRANIDUR is available in the colours cement-grey, light-grey, basalt-grey,
anthracite, beige, red, olive.

GRANIDUR 05 and GRANIDUR 08 – applied in one or two layers acc. to
DIN 18560-2 screeds and heating screeds on insulation layer
DIN 18560-3 composite screeds with it KORODUR Bonding Compound HB 5
DIN 18560-4 screeds on separation layer.

Fields of application
Sales rooms, museums, exposition areas, boutiques, foyers, office and administration buildings, restaurants, galleries.

Technical data GRANIDUR 05
Grain size0 - 5 mm
Compressive strength45 N/mm²
Tensile strength6 N/mm²
Layer thickness15 - 25 mm

Technical data GRANIDUR 08
Grain size0 - 8 mm
Compressive strength35 N/mm²
Tensile strength5 N/mm²
Layer thickness25 - 50 mm

Basically the current technical data sheet refers.

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