Glossprofi 1905


(A product of company MKS Funke GmbH, Bocholt)

GLOSSPROFI 1905 is a mild-alkaline cleaning and maintenance detergent. Differing from common stone soaps, GLOSSPROFI 1905 does not form build-up of layers. No alkaline build-up does harm the surface, no dirt is preserved in layers.

GLOSSPROFI 1905 is used for the first cleaning and regular maintenance with auto-scrubbing machines. The mixture of special stone-reactive soaps qualifies in particular for the use on all finely grinded and polished screeds, polished KORODUR design screeds such as GRANIDUR 03, 05, 08 as well as GRANIDUR BIANCO / NERO and cementitious KORODUR/NEDOUR industrial floors.
To prevent deep staining and chemical attack, the floor can additionally be impregnated with THILOS dünnflüssig. To maintain the water-repelling and protective effects, the exclusive use of GLOSSPROFI 1905 is necessary. After the use of conventional tenside-containing detergents, the first cleaning process must be repeated to restore protection effects.

Technical data
Mixing ratio of first maintenance treatment1:1 to 1:5 GLOSSPROFI with water
Mixing ratio daily mechanical cleaning:approx. 500 – 1000 ml on 100 l water
Mixing ratio daily manual cleaningapprox. 100 – 125 ml on 10 l water
Yieldapprox. 500 – 800 m² per liter GLOSSPROFI 1905

Basically the current technical data sheet refers.

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