Smoothed Decorative Floor

KORODUR COPETTI FLOOR KCF® - smoothed decorative floor in marble optics

The cementitious, smoothed decorative screed of KORODUR - known as KORODUR COPETTI FLOOR – was developed in the 1990ies in cooperation with the Italian architect and designer Allessandro Copetti.

One of the first KORODUR COPETTI FLOORS (short KCF) was realized in the impressive Teatro Armani in Mailand, designed by the Tokyo architect Tadao Ando. An area of 3.000 m² of KCF floor contributes as optical support to the international Armani-presentations.

Likewise unique is the design house concept “Signature Series” of the New York star architect Daniel Libeskind. His goal is to build world-wide one “Libeskind Villa” per country, always with the highest standards to sustainability, environmental compatibility, design and uniqueness. In 2010 the first Libeskind Villa was finished – with a smoothed KORODUR decorative floor KCF.

KORODUR decorative floors are based on the technical know how of decades of KORODUR’s expertise in industrial floors. Due to the cementitious-mineral composition, variants in colouring and structure are not unusual, they finally give the floor the unique character, viz. the uniqueness of a smoothed decorative floor.

KORODUR COPETTI FLOOR decorative screed
ProductsQualityLayer thicknessGrain size
KCF 05CT-C45-F6-A515 - 25 mm0 - 5 mm
KCF 08CT-C35-F5-A525 - 50 mm0 - 8 mm