Concrete Roads

KORODUR Rapid Set® for concrete roads

Concrete traffic areas are subject to the highest demands on structural strength, durability and resistance to physical and chemical effects. Not least, the time factor is of decisive importance to keep the duration of construction work and thus the downtimes for traffic as short as possible.

As simple and clever solution coping with these high standards, Rapid Set® concrete has become well established in the US for more than 25 years. Now also in Europe, many diverse infrastructure projects are carried out with Rapid Set concrete exploiting its outstanding properties.
As Rapid Set® concrete is extremely fast setting, repair works can be carried out at times with low traffic, e.g. at night. The surfaces can be reopened for traffic already 2 hours after installation.

Rapid Set® concrete provides versatile properties that allow a broad range of applications:





Rapid Set Cement is GREEN to the core - environmentally friendly, durable and LEED compliant. CTS Cement is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council. Rapid Set Cement cuts CO2 emissions by 30 % compared to standard Portland cement!





To give you an insight into the application and potential areas of use, we state a selection of reference jobs that have been successfully completed  in recent years:

Sydney International Airport Slab Replacement

Rapid Set Cement Concrete Highway Repair

San Francisco I-280 Joint Hinge Replacement Project

Airport Stuttgart repair of apron

KORODUR Rapid Set Concrete Test Birmingham Airport

KORODUR Rapid Set Concrete Gas Station Arnhem