Cat Litter

Cat hygiene on the basis of bentonite material

In 1992 the KORODUR-group set another milestone in its diversification strategy: the launching of the division bentonite hygiene litter.

The distribution of bentonite cat litter concentrates on European market. Among our clientele are renowned foodstuff retailers, discount outlets and wholesale traders for pet supplies. In two production works in the neighboring Czech Republic almost 100.000 tons of bentonite clumping litters are produced per year.

Quality has priority at KORODUR. During the last years, this was repeatedly confirmed by institutions as Stiftung Warentest (foundation for good testing), DLG e. V. – Test-Zentrum Technik und Betriebsmittel (Test center for technology and equipment), ÖKO-Test (ecological test) and K-Tipp bzw. Kassensturz (consumer-tip/cash-up, Switzerland). All our cat litter materials are pure natural, without any chemical additives and warranted asbestos-free. They are certified acc. to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2005 (environmental audit).

The following measures ensure continuous and smooth business handling:

  • secure and need-based access to geologically examined bentonite deposits.
  • contractual agreements with the production works, secured by KORODUR’s investments to safeguard homogenous and high quality end products.
  • current quality controls of the production batches according to international quality standards
  • regular product analysis by accredited research institutes.