The innovative solution for easy, fast and durable asphalt repairs.

ASPHALT REPAIR MIX is a fast-setting, polymer-modified, ready to use asphalt repair material based on special cement technology.
Ideal for fast, easy and durable repair of potholes in asphalt. For the repair of road damage, frost heave, property and garage entrances, car parks, footpaths, industrial traffic areas or also for surrounds/adjustments of road sewer manholes whereby roads closures can be kept short – reopening to traffic after approx. 3 hours only.
ASPHALT REPAIR MIX is coloured black and provides excellent adhesion without primer.

Technical data

Grain size0 - 8 mm
Layer thickness    30 - 600 mm
Loadablenach 3 Stunden
Compressive strengthnach 3 Stunden ca. 10 N/mm²
Compressive strengthnach 28 Tagen ca. 25 N/mm²
Flexural strengthnach 3 Stunden ca. 3,0 N/mm²
Flexural strengthnach 28 Tagen ca. 6,8 N/mm²
Dynamic modulus of elasticitynach 28 Tagen ca. 20.000 N/mm²
Static modulus of elasticitynach 28 Tagen ca. 16.000 N/mm²

Basically the current technical data sheet refers.

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