NEODUR AM Super/Plus

NEODUR® AM Super / AM Plus

NEODUR AM Super and AM Plus are factory-produced, ready to use, non-shrink anchor mortars for the permabond anchoring of all kinds of rock anchorage.

For mining and tunnel construction, rock and slope safety measures. NEODUR anchor mortars are easy to pump and bond immediately without auxiliary agents, also in vertical drilling holes overhead and in difficult mountain conditions. NEODUR anchor mortars are also used for prefab construction, e. g. for underlaying works.

Technical data
Grain size0 - 1 mm0 - 1 mm
Compressive strength> 55 N/mm²> 80 N/mm²
Swelling index> 0,1 Vol.%> 0,1 Vol.%
Technical data
Product NEDOUR AM Super NEODUR AM Plus
Grain size 0 - 1 mm 0 - 1 mm
Compressive strength > 55 N/mm² > 80 N/mm²
Swelling index > 0,1 Vol.% > 0,1 Vol.%

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